Barre Star of the Month: Christina

Our Barre Star for May was Christina M.! barrestar christina
How do you feel your body has changed from Barre Centric classes?
Barre has improved both the flexibility and the strength of my body. From the very first class until now it’s amazing how improved my plank is, how much lower I can pulse and how much higher my heels can raise.

What is your favorite part about coming to barre centric classes?
Coming to the Barre has become a highlight to my day. Not only is it a fantastic workout but also a way for me to mentally distress after a long work day. The instructors and the other ladies in the class are welcoming and motivating. Barre Centric has become a place where I enjoy spending time with old friends and meeting new ones.

Advice for anyone thinking about trying their first barre class:
My advice for anyone thinking about taking their first barre class… Go in with and open mind and just try it! Barre was completely different than what I had imagined but I was hooked from my very first class. Whether you’re a beginner to exercise or just trying to incorporate something new into your routine – it definitely won’t disappoint you! 


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