Barre Star of the Month: Barbara

How do you feel your body has changed from barre classes? 
I FEEL STRONGER AND MORE CONFIDENT. I am also down a dress/pant/top size. My husband says my arms look good!
What is your favorite part of coming to Barre Centric classes?
Knowing it is going to be hard work and coming anyway, the instructors make me feel welcome and encourage me to work to my full potential even when I might not be feeling strong that day, and the awesome classmates that make it fun!
Advice for anyone who is thinking about trying their first barre class?
Barre Centric instructors and clients are very supportive and nonjudgmental. It was my biggest fear coming to class- that I was bigger than I wanted to be and out of shape. No one judged me. They welcomed me and were glad to have me. That helped a lot.


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