Barre star of the Month: Natalie

How do you feel your body has changed from Barre classes?
I feel much stronger and healthier as a result of going to barre class, specifically in my core and seat area. Before joining Barre Centric I used to mainly do cardio workouts, so what I love about barre class is that it targets the sections of my body I want to improve and wouldn’t have worked out otherwise. It also helps that now I’m not afraid to put on my skinny jeans or clothes I may have avoided before!

What is your favorite part of coming to Barre Centric classes?
My favorite part of coming to class is how much fun I have during class and the burn I feel after class. During class its fun to try new moves each week and also see if I get better at some of the similar moves. After class I feel not only physically stronger, but mentally I leave feeling energetic, yet calm.

Advice for anyone who is thinking about trying his or her first barre class?
My advice to someone thinking about trying their first barre class is don’t be intimidated! I don’t have a dance or yoga background so wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to do some of the moves or hold certain positions, but after a week or two I got the hang of it and really started to get into it. Now it’s fun to challenge myself and try to sweat, especially during the leg movements when my legs are shaking!


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