Barre Star of the Month: Mary

Meet Mary, our Barre Star for July!
barrestar mary

How do you feel your body has changed from Barre Centric classes?
The combination of strength, balance and flexibility in each Barre Centric class has reshaped all muscle groups and increased my energy by 100% I feel like a new person with lean muscles and the confidence to keep pushing to the next level during class. I never dreamed I would enjoy doing planks!

What is your favorite part about coming to barre centric classes?
The people! The Barre Centric team does a fantastic job of coaching and encouraging each participant to improve form while having fun. The small personalized classes are just what I needed for success!

Advice for anyone thinking about trying their first barre class?
Ladies of all ages and abilities will benefit from Barre Centric. If you can take the time for 10 classes you will be hooked! Hope to see you at the Barre!


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