Barre Star of the month: Katie

How do you feel your body has changed from barre classes? 
I have been doing Barre for a little over a month now, and I am already seeing changes in my body. I love barre because it truly targets every part of your body. I have noticed toning in my legs, arms and stomach. I can’t wait to see what happens after months of doing barre!
 What is your favorite part of coming to Barre Centric classes? 
My favorite part about coming to Barre Centric classes is the atmosphere and energy of all the classes. The teachers are so encouraging and helpful. I always leave barre feeling positive and already looking forward to the next class. The weekly change up of exercises keeps the class new, exciting, and challenging!
  Advice for anyone who is thinking about trying their first barre class?
For anyone thinking about trying Barre Centric, I advise you to definitely go for it! I am so happy with the experience and results I have seen! I would recommend trying to go as often as possible and trying all the classes they offer.

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