Barre star of the month: Jessica

How do you feel your body has changed from Barre classes?
Since I’ve started barre, I have noticed my body (especially my thighs) appear longer and leaner. I’ve been an avid gym-goer since my teens; I used to be a Spinning instructor and I would strength train regularly, which tended to bulk my legs. However, in the past few months, I’ve been looking for something different that would lengthen out my muscular legs. Barre is exactly what I’ve been looking for! In only a month, I’ve received compliments from family and friends about how much leaner I look! I’m addition to feeling leaner, I see an improvement in my core strength and flexibility. These are areas I’ve neglected in my training before, so I love that they are such a focus at barre.

What is your favorite part of coming to Barre Centric classes?
I love everything about coming to Barre Centric! From the moment I walk into the studio and smell the Volupsa candles, to the thigh and seat work, and to the final cool down stretching, every aspect about the barre experience makes it truly enjoyable. I know I’ve had an amazing class when my muscles feel satisfyingly fatigued on my drive home!

Advice for anyone who is thinking about trying his or her first barre class?
Just do it! If you’re looking for an effective, low-impact work out that’s kind to your joints, barre is for you. That is what makes barre the perfect exercise program for any person—whether you’re new to fitness or looking to switch up your routine.


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