Barre Star of the Month: Amanda!

Meet Amanda, our Barre Star for February, who consistently attended barre classes throughout her last month of pregnancy!

barrestar amandaHow do you feel your body has changed from barre centric classes?
Barre Centric classes have helped all areas of my body to feel stronger, leaner, and much more toned, which helps to make me feel much more confident as well!

What is your favorite part about coming to barre centric classes?
I love the fact that I can not only see but feel the changes in my body! I have such a sense of personal accomplishment when I can finally complete an exercise where I was “embracing the shake” earlier than planned. Plus the staff is pretty awesome!

Advice for anyone thinking about trying their first barre class:
Stick with it!!! The first day can be tough because you are using new muscles, but soon enough you are a barre addict!! I also 100% believe that barre classes helped to contribute to my smooth and healthy pregnancy. I even attended Barre Cardio the morning I went in to labor and now have a healthy little lady to join the barre family!


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