Barre Centric Mother-Daughter Duos

Thanks to all the mothers out there who raise the barre on a daily basis! We wanted to feature a few of our FAVORITE mother-daughter duos (and 1 trio!) who love to come to barre together!

FullSizeRender (3)Kelly and Melissa

“My favorite part of working out with my mom at the barre is having someone there to motivate me. We are both sweating for my wedding in October!” -Melissa
“My Favorite part of working out together is spending the hour together doing something that benefits both of us and that both of us enjoy.” – Kelly

“What inspires me most about my mom is her continuous love and support for her family. She is an amazing role model for both my sister and me!”- Melissa
“What inspires me about Melissa – Independence, energy, support and encouragement”- Kelly

Jones Family Picture (2)Carrie, Candace, Jen

“I think the best part of mother-daughter barre classes is that it gives us a healthy and fun activity to do together. We love sending time at the Barre on Saturday mornings and then trying new lunch places in Buffalo afterwards. The routine gives us dedicated time to reconnect, be active and get the weekend started off right. We have come to believe that a family that shakes together, stays together :)”- Jen

FullSizeRender (2)Lisa & Nicole

“We’ve tried other forms of exercise and prefer Barre Centric for the balance, flexibility, strengthening and toning techniques offered by the knowledgeable instructors.  We find the classes to be a great way to de-stress after a long day at the office.”- Lisa
“My mom caught on fast! She’s a quick learner and keeps up with the best of us. We both think it’s equally as hard, but just as fun to do it together! We’ve tried many other classes together and barre is definitely the best! Plus- She’s always sure to save me a mat when I’m running late :)”- Nicole

“Nicole inspires me with her strong desire and determination to succeed.  She is a hard work young woman who puts all she has into everything she does.”- Lisa
“My mom works really hard in all areas of her life.  She manages so many aspects of the family business while paying attention to life’s details that most of us would miss. She never misses a birthday or holiday for any of her family, including all of her nieces and nephews.  She even drives from the south towns so we can exercise together each week.  Her motivation is barre none and she always does it with a smile. I’m inspired by her ability to handle any situation with poise and courage no matter what it takes. Love you mom!”- Nicole


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