Barre Centric
Duration: 55 minutes
Our main workout class fuses, ballet, Pilates, yoga and orthopedic stretching to achieve strength, flexibility and balance. The class utilizes small isometric movements to fatigue the muscles and lengthening stretches to increase their flexibility. Stemming from the Lotte Berk Method, this workout is sure to produce long, lean and toned muscles similar to that of a dancer’s body.

Barre Cardio
Duration: 55 minutes
This faster-paced class will vary from our original Barre Centric class by the intensity and range of motion of the exercises being executed. Exercises will be performed at faster intervals with shorter recovery stretches in between and will include a larger range of motion. Barre Cardio will not only increase your metabolic rate, but it will create an “afterburn effect” that will assist you in burning more calories throughout your day.

Barre Xpress
Duration: 45 minutes
Our Barre Xpress class follows the same format and incorporates the same exercises as our main Barre Centric class. The class is shortened and contains faster recovery periods so you are able to fit in an effective, total body workout in just 45 minutes!

Barre Resist
Duration: 55 minutes
This class incorporates the Pilates Stick, straps, and other resistance equipment to vary our typical Barre Centric full-body workout. This challenging class will help build your stamina, upper/lower body strength, balance, and core stability.

Barre Bounce
Duration: 45 minutes
This high-intensity interval training class combines your favorite strengthening & lengthening barre exercises with cardio bursts on the trampoline. Barre Bounce is a total body workout that will get your heart pumping and fire up all of your muscles without putting stress on the body’s joints.


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